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A Health Savings Account (HSA) is an account into which you can place pre-tax dollars to pay for current medical expenses, or save for the future. As healthcare needs arise, you select when and where you seek treatment and pay from your tax-free HSA account. If you do not spend the money, the dollars contributed to your account are yours to keep. Dollars remain in your account and grow tax-deferred to be spent as you wish after age 65 (similar to an IRA or a 401k). An HSA account provides options and control over your healthcare choices, and also provides a tax-sheltered savings platform that grows as a tax-free retirement savings account.


In response to member requests for a plan of benefits that would qualify as a Health Savings Account, the Georgia Bankers Association Insurance Trust, Inc. offers four Health Savings Account-eligible plans. Here are the summaries for the 2015 plans:


One-page Summary for 2015 plans:


Here are the summaries for the 2014 plans


One-page Summary for 2014 plans:


The plans are administered by Paragon Benefits, Inc.


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