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The Certificate Booklets contain detailed descriptions of your plan of coverage with the Georgia Bankers Insurance Trust.

The Medical Plans booklet serves as the booklet for many different deductibles and co-insurance rates which is why you will find as asterisk (*) under the various benefit plans of coverage.

The POS,
HMO, Dental, Long-Term Disability and Group Voluntary Accident Plan booklets are standard booklets. The personalized Summary of Benefits is mailed to the insured when he/she becomes effective in the plan. These are summaries and not contracts.

Please click below for your booklet

PPO Plans: 240  250  280  290  295


Early Retiree PPO: 299


HMO Plans: 600  610  620


Early Retiree HMO: 639


High Deductible Health Plans: 780  781


Early Retiree High Deductible: 719


POS (Point of Service) Plan: 440  450  480  481 482  490  495


Long-Term Disability: 90 day  180 day


Medical Supplement Plans: Basic Option

High Option


Dental Plan


Group Voluntary Accident Plan


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