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The Georgia Bankers Association, through GBA Retirement Services, Inc., began providing pension and profit sharing retirement plans to its members in the early 1970ís and added the popular Section 401(k) Plans in 1987. Banks of all sizes, particularly community banks, are offered an affordable way to establish and maintain a retirement plan of the highest caliber.

Under a Master Plan approach, the general terms and technical provisions are created in the Master Plan document.

The individual bank sponsoring a plan adopts the provisions of the Master Plan and customizes certain terms to meet the needs of the bank and its employees. GBA Master Plans are designed to allow adopting banks a great deal of flexibility in plan design. By establishing a plan in this manner, a bank can avoid the substantial costs involved in establishing a free standing plan.

Follow the links at the left to learn more about the retirement plans and service providers available through GBA Retirement Services, Inc.

If you are a current participant of the GBA Master 401(k) Plan, please log onto Alliance Benefit Group's participant site.

If you are a current participant of the GBA Master Defined Benefit Pension Plan, please log onto Stanley, Hunt, Dupree, & Rhine's participant site.

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If you are a participant in the GBA Master 401(k) Plan, click here to view the 401(k) enrollment video.