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August 2014

TruPS and Bankruptcy Town Hall Session Scheduled Aug. 6

A number of bank holding companies are dealing with the issue of paying dividends on Trust Preferred Securities (TruPS) they'd deferred during the economic downturn. During the past five years or so the dividends have been accruing on the TruPS and the deferral period is coming to an end. Fitch estimates that there is $2.6 Billion of TruPS that will run out of their deferral period over the next several years. In two recent instances, one of which is in Georgia, creditors have filed involuntary bankruptcy cases against bank holding companies from which they are trying to collect dividends. The issue has become a hot topic in the industry. So, we're holding a Town Hall meeting about TruPS Wednesday, Aug. 6, at Idle Hour Country Club in Macon. While GBA's counsel has been asked to coordinate the program, we trust other members of GBA's Bank Counsel Section as well as others, like our bank accountants, will attend as the collective wisdom of all involved in this issue will benefit the industry. Contact Susie McGehee, 404.420.2010 with questions about the Town Hall meeting.


Senior Lending Officer Roundtables Registration is Underway

If you would like to join one of the three GBA Senior Lending Officer Roundtables, click here to download the flyer / registration form. These roundtables have just completed a successful first full year, so spots will be at a premium. All three roundtables are facilitated by Paul Sims, president of Guided Solutions, Franklin, TN. The roundtables provide an in-depth look at all the latest issues a senior lending officer needs to understand to cultivate new business, evaluate risk and support profitability. Roundtables meet three times a year and are limited to 15 members per group. Locations and dates are as follows:

  • Roundtable 1: Tuesdays - Oct. 28, 2014; Feb. 24, 2015, and June 2, 2015, at Idle Hour Country Club, Macon

  • Roundtable 2: Wednesdays - Oct. 29, 2014, Feb. 25, 2015, and June 3, 2015, at The Georgian Club, Atlanta

  • Roundtable 3: Thursdays - Oct. 30, 2014, Feb. 26, 2015, and June 4, 2015, at The Georgian Club, Atlanta.

With questions, please contact GBA's Alison Moreau at 404.420.2034 or Susie McGehee at 404.420.2010.


Bank Secrecy Act Seminar Examines Current Trends Aug. 21

BSA compliance is in the crosshairs for examiners, who expect that all bank employees, particularly frontline personnel, are well-trained annually on the various reporting and recordkeeping requirements for BSA, CIP and OFAC. GBA has set up a helpful training resource for you and your bank. Take advantage of this seminar Aug. 21 at Idle Hour Country Club in Macon that will address fundamental BSA reporting and recording requirements, including the following topics:

  • Recording customer and transaction information that must be provided for CTRs and opening accounts for new customers

  • Completing and retaining Wire Logs and "$3,000 Monetary Instrument Logs" for customer AND non-customer transactions

  • Using "Red Flags" to identify AND report suspicious activities

  • Following OFAC procedures for customer and non-customer transactions

  • Identifying money laundering activities.

Please click here to register for the seminar. If you have any questions, please contact GBA's Danielle Driggers, 404.420.2002.


Bank Directors & Executive Management Conference Aug. 27

Bank Directors' responsibilities and liabilities have greatly expanded during the past few years as we suffered through our second banking crisis in modern times. That crisis, coupled with an unprecedented interest rate environment continues to challenge our industry. The new Bank Directors & Executive Management Conference is designed to examine issues that are high priorities for regulators and banking executives, and our focus is on information that will help directors understand their critical role and also provide guidance about how we might achieve success in the coming years. This conference is designed for directors, CEOs, CFOs, and executive management of community banks of all sizes. Inside and outside directors will, we believe, gain a better understanding of the duties and responsibilities involved in this leadership role while also discovering how to enhance profitability in this challenging environment. This conference is Aug. 27 at the Idle Hour Country Club in Macon. Please click here to register for the session. Directors who attend will get a Certificate of Attendance as director training documentation. If you have any questions, please contact Danielle Driggers, 404.420.2002.


GBA Marketing Peer Meeting Group - Sept. 9

How to Modernize Your Marketing Plan and Energize Your Website Analytics

It's time to take a fresh look at the most important tool of the marketing trade, your marketing plan. At our Marketing Peer Group meeting in Macon Sept. 9, you'll get a starter kit to take back to the bank for modernizing your marketing plan from Charles Jordan of the Charles Jordan Group. Jordan will share the key questions you and your management should be answering and share a guide for how those answers can drive a modernized plan and change how you view traditional marketing. And, he'll facilitate discussion of a variety of the tools of the trade you are using or have questions about based on the principles he'll outline and samples you provide. This session will give you lots of new ideas, specific tools and take-home resources. We'll also have an in-depth session about website analytics, and plenty of time for sharing best practices and networking. Register today and get more details here...


GBA Webinars for August 2014

Some recorded training sessions are also available.



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Compliance Conference

Idle Hour Country Club, Macon

Sept. 24 - 26

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Georgia BankPAC Classic

The Club at River Forest, Forsyth

Oct. 1

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President/CEO Conference

The Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation, Greensboro

Oct. 12 - 14

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Bank Counsel Conference

The Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation, Greensboro

Oct. 12 - 14

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Bank Accountant Conference

The Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation, Greensboro

Oct. 12 - 14

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Financial Risk Management Conference

The Cobb Galleria Centre, Atlanta

Nov. 4 - 5

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Credit Conference

Marriott Century Center, Atlanta

Dec. 3 - 4

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