June 2017 

Featured Events

Senior Lending Officer (SLO) Roundtables
– 2017-2018, Atlanta/Macon
Registration is now open for the next series of SLO roundtables. Helping leaders find creative solutions to lending challenges within the bank, these roundtables provide an in-depth look at the latest strategies for cultivating new business, evaluating risk, developing talent and supporting profitability. Click here to download the registration form…
2017 Annual Meeting – June 18-21, Colorado Springs, CO
Plan to join us and many more this year as we kick off our celebration of GBA's 125th anniversary. You’ll hear from nationally known speakers and receive valuable information on many of the hot issues facing bankers today while getting excellent networking opportunities to share ideas with your colleagues. Click here to register...
Leadership Conference – July 17-20, Ponte Vedra, FL
This annual conference promotes leadership development, creates networking opportunities and educates emerging bank leaders about the legislative process. This year’s event features sessions on the economy, ROI on mobile banking for community banks, a bank executive panel, what’s next for future leaders in banking and much more. Click here to register...

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Diplomas and Certificates

Certificates build the skills necessary for a specific position in the bank and can be taken entirely online as a certificate curriculum. Diplomas, which take longer to complete, provide broader and more in-depth coverage of banking as a profession. The programs are continually reevaluated and refined to reflect the current needs of bankers in their jobs today and changes in the industry. View all available Diplomas and Certificates...