April 2020   

Featured Learning and Development Opportunities

Ramped up Remote Learning Options
Our GBA professional development programs are evolving along with everyone’s work environment. We’re ramping up member access to remote learning options. Whether it’s the patching it to latest coronavirus-related content, mastering your current responsibilities or learning skills to propel you along your career paths, we’ve got a variety of options for you. Access all the GBA remote learning options here. The page is always available on our website under the Education drop-down menu.
Coronavirus/Pandemic Response Training
While we all continue to seek the latest and best information to help navigate the current pandemic crisis, GBA is proud to offer several virtual training opportunities available on coronavirus and pandemic response. GBA’s Remote Learning page has a section at the top for this type of training, and we are continuously updating it as new opportunities become available. See the programs available here.
Special Pricing due to COVID-19 Pandemic
Now is a great time to keep employees productive with virtual webinar training. To ensure financial institutions have access to the training and education they need in order to keep employees engaged and skills up to date, we are offering special pricing, TTS and OnCourse Learning are offering special pricing to GBA members:
  • OnDemand Webinar Special - Save 25% with promo code: WebinarOD25 Redeem here.
  • Webinar Subscription Package - Save 20%! Get five webinars for the price of four. Waived additional location fee ($75 value). Two months' access instead of five days. Fill out this form to participate.
Breaking into Banking Training - OnDemand
GBA is now offering Andy Keusal’s Breaking into Banking course OnDemand through pre-recorded videos. Ideal for those new to the industry, this course is a clear and thorough introduction to the key concepts, terminology, and processes involved in credit and lending. The content is exactly the same as what Andy planned to cover during the May 14 workshop, and consists of ten 30-minute video lessons, or a total of five hours of instruction. Learn more and register here.
Facilitated Online Courses
Learn more about instructor-facilitated online courses here.

Self-Paced Online Courses

See a list of all the self-paced courses we have to offer here.

ABA Certificates

Certificates build the skills necessary for a specific position in the bank and can be taken entirely online as a certificate curriculum. The programs are continually reevaluated and refined to reflect the current needs of bankers in their jobs today and changes in the industry. There are multiple certificates available in each of the categories below.
  • Business Banking & Commercial Lending
  • Compliance & Risk Management
  • Mortgage Lending
  • Retail Banking & Marketing
  • Wealth Management & Trust
  • Executive Education