October 2020   

Featured Learning and Development Opportunities
Compliance Conference - Oct. 21-23, Buford
Please join us, in-person or virtually for the GBA’s 2020 Compliance Conference. The agenda is packed and we thank the Compliance Committee for their hard work putting together such a strong agenda. We’ve set up a live-streaming option so those with travel restrictions, health concerns or other conflicts can tune in to the sessions. The conference will feature an inspiring leadership talk, sessions on risk assessments, national regulatory updates, hemp banking, advertising compliance, fraud-prevention during disasters, human trafficking awareness BSA and CRA updates, and more. See the full agenda here and secure your spot by registering here.
Brands and Ballots: A Guide to Communications During Election Season and Beyond - Oct. 13, Webinar
The already tumultuous political climate of 2020 has set the stage for a highly divisive election – creating an environment where remaining politically neutral is more complicated for brands than ever before. The Brands and Ballots: A Guide to Communications During Election Season and Beyond webinar Oct. 13 at 10:30 a.m. will help your bank navigate this environment. Featuring seasoned perspectives from experts at GBA Associate Member company Jackson Spalding, you’ll gain insights on how to assess your company’s potential exposure to political issues, how to avoid being entangled in a political social media crisis, and how to engage in discussions around political and social justice issues, particularly in an industry that traditionally has shied away from these conversations. Registration is $150. For GBA Member Marketing Officers, registration includes the option to participate in a virtual Marketing Peer Group Meeting the same day from 1:30-2:30 p.m. to discuss the content, and share ideas and resources about additional bank marketing issues. Click here to register.
How U.S. Banks Are Managing Through the COVID-19 Pandemic - Oct. 15, Webinar
The economic disruption caused by the Coronavirus has put U.S. bank balance sheets under the microscope. Unprecedented government stimulus, actions by the Federal Reserve and forbearance provided by banks have softened the economic blow thus far but will not prevent all stress. S&P Global Market Intelligence Principal Analyst Nathan Stovall will discuss the impact of government stimulus, including the Paycheck Protection Program, on the banking industry as it faces higher credit costs and what institutions are doing to mitigate the fallout. The presentation will also cover how the pandemic has increased digital adoption and encouraged some banks to rethink their branching strategies. Click here to register.
Georgia BankPAC Golf Classic - Oct. 21, Forsyth
With the GBA State BankPAC* campaign in full swing, we’ve got a great way to show your support and enjoy a nice day on the golf course. Join us for the 2020 Leadership GBA’s Georgia BankPAC Golf Classic, Oct. 21 at the River Forest Golf Club in Forsyth. Invite your fellow bankers, directors, and legislators to join you for this great cause. It’s just $275 for a two-person/$175 per individual golfer. Or, pay $500 for a two-person team AND hole sponsorship. Click here to register. You can also show your support of the PAC through sponsorship, like these banks and associate members: CRSA Business Lending; EBS; FHLB of Atlanta; FNBB; Great Oaks Bank; Holmes Shaw Agency; MPA Systems; Point to Point Environmental; Pinnacle Bank; ServisFirst Bank; The Baker Group; and The Claxton Bank.
Advance IRA Training: Understanding the SECURE and CARES Acts of 2020 - Oct. 27, Webinar
Join Patrice Konarik, Sunwest Training Corp., for a special one-day webinar on Understanding the SECURE and CARES Acts of 2020 from the convenience of your home or office. After a year of deliberations, the SECURE Act was signed into law under the Appropriations Act on Dec. 20, 2019. Most of the provisions went into effect 12 days later on Jan. 1, 2020. These are the most substantial changes we’ve had to IRAs in almost 15 years. On top of that, the CARES Act was passed three months later, further making rules and regulation changes to IRAs. In the IRA Advanced webinar, we will summarize the changes and then actually get into the nitty gritty of new distribution regulations to owners and beneficiaries - what stays the same and what changes? How do we disclose all these changes to our customers? Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions during the virtual training. View the full description here. Each paid participant will receive the latest 275-page 2020-2021 IRA Training and Reference Manual - “The Red Book” in an electronic format. Register here (only $250 through Oct. 19!)

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