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Please participate in our democratic process. Exercise your right and privilege as a U.S. Citizen to vote.


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Georgia Bankers Democracy Days Timeline

Now-Oct. 6

Communicate to employees about the campaign.

Post awareness flyers in branches/offices.

Support voter registration.


Use social media channels.



Oct. 13-31

Participate in early voting if you've decided on your candidates.


Use social media channels to promote voting.



Nov. 1-4

Hand out election reminder cards to customers.


Use social media channels to remind voters.



Nov. 4



Use social media channels to thank voters.


"I voted" selfie campaign.



Dec. 4 and
Jan. 6, 2015

Vote in runoffs if necessary.

Voting Resource Links

2014 Election Key Dates


Tuesday, Oct. 6

Voter Registration Deadline

Oct. 13-31 (M-F) Saturday, Oct. 25

Early Voting Period

Tuesday, Nov. 4

General Election

Tuesday, Dec. 2

Genera Election Runoff

Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015

Federal Election Runoff

With questions or to share your opinion, send an e-mail to the Webmaster

GBA's professional staff represents the membership at the state and federal levels. Contact any of them with questions about issues:

Joe Brannen
President & CEO

Elizabeth Chandler
SVP, Government Relations

David Oliver
SVP, Communications & Marketing