Financial Literacy Program
Sponsored by Leadership GBA

The Financial Literacy Program sponsored by Leadership GBA, is an effort by bankers to encourage financial education in the most practical sense. The objective is to educate Georgians (children, teenagers and adults) on banking services and personal finance.

Begun in 1977 as a means of assisting volunteer bankers with classroom presentations, the Financial Literacy Program is the primary outreach program of the American Bankers Association Education Foundation. Today, it reaches out to all age groups, from kindergarten and first grade to college and adult.

The Program is an expression of the philosophy that no one benefits from financial ignorance on the part of the individual or the public, least of all the commercial bank. It is just good business - in the long run - for consumers to understand how to balance a checkbook, use credit wisely and budget their money. It's also important for consumers and future consumers to understand banks as a business and the services they offer.

Through the Financial Literacy Program, bankers make themselves available to educators, civic groups and other organizations to help teach about ...

  • What a bank is and how a bank serves the community

  • The products and services of a bank

  • How to become financially literate and

  • How a bank helps people with their financial challenges.

Why is Financial Literacy Needed?
The banking industry is not well understood by the American public, and the majority of U.S. high school and college graduates cannot handle the basic financial activities of everyday life - a fact that may relate to their lack of understanding about banking operations. The Financial Literacy Program focuses on activities like balancing a checkbook, managing a family budget and using credit wisely.

Participation in the Financial Literacy Program is an investment in the well-being of Georgia communities, as well as a means to improve public knowledge about the banking industry.

What are the Benefits of Financial Literacy?

  • An improved understanding of banks and the services they provide, thereby educating future consumers.

  • A boost in financial education. This enables consumers to make more informed decisions about their personal financial goals.

  • Bankers interacting with people in their communities in the classroom and on bank tours.

How is the Financial Literacy Program Organized?
The Leadership GBA of the Georgia Bankers Association is responsible for the delivery of Program materials throughout the state. 

What Materials are Available?
Through the American Bankers Association and other sources, several videos and brochures are available for use in the program. Topics include:

  • checking account management

  • touring the bank (a cartoon for kids)

  • a guide to bank services

  • careers in banking

In addition, the Georgia Bankers Association and the program coordinators serve as a clearinghouse for other information around the state and country that would assist bankers in educating their communities. These videos and brochures are helpful but are not essential. You are a human resource and not a physical resource, and your knowledge of the industry qualifies you for participation.

Financial Literacy Program Statistics
Over the life of the program, you have helped reach almost 16.5 million people around the country through 455,000 presentations. Keep up the good work!

Contact GBA's Susie McGehee, 404.420.1010, with questions.