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Performance Management System
TalentQuest (TQ) is an online, web-based system designed to help organizations with their most important HR activities – the Selection, Measurement, Development and Retention of employees. It includes the most important tools for performance management – Selection Assessments, Performance Appraisals and 360° Feedback Surveys. All TalentQuest tools are accessed through an online interface and automated processes reduce the time and expense required for performance management activities.

Each tool has been configured specifically for the needs of GBA member banks.

TalentQuest Selection Assessments
With TQ Selection Assessments (formerly The Computer Psychologist tests), candidates are given a pre-employment evaluation to help determine their suitability for a position and their fit within the banking culture. Their results are compared to one or more GBA-specific benchmark profiles that have been developed for several positions:

  • Commercial Lender
  • Consumer Lender
  • Customer Service Representative,
  • Loan Processor
  • Network Administrator
  • Teller
  • Business Development Officer (coming soon)
  • Mortgage Lending Officer (coming soon)
  • Human Resource Administrator (coming soon)
  • Management Trainee (coming soon)

In addition to the comparison to benchmark profiles, The Assessment Feedback Report, which is available online immediately after the candidate completes the assessment, also points out Potential Limitations of the candidate for a position and suggests behavioral-based Interview Questions to probe each Potential Limitation.

TalentQuest Performance Appraisals
With TQ Performance Appraisals, regular performance reviews become easier, consistent and user-friendly. The process is online, automated and can be configured to meet each bank’s unique requirements.

GBA-specific performance appraisal templates are available for positions responsible for Administration, Support, Teller/Customer Service, Lending, Management. Because each template is based on the most critical competencies for the position, the process ensures that performance discussions are centered around behaviors that will have the greatest impact on job success.

Developmental Recommendations are automatically generated as part of the final Appraisal Report. This will help employees to identify opportunities for improvement and managers to create developmental plans for their departments.

TalentQuest 360° Feedback Surveys
TQ 360 Feedback can be used to help develop managers and to assist their efforts in becoming effective leaders. It is a completely online process that allows anonymous feedback to be provided by a number of constituents that the manager interacts with on-the-job. Typical respondent groups include Direct Manager, Executives, Peers and Direct Reports.

GBA-specific 360 templates have been developed for Executive and Managerial positions. Developmental Recommendations are automatically generated as part of the final Feedback Report. CPR consultants may be used to help provide feedback to the participant and they may provide guidance to coaching and development planning to develop the most effective leadership capabilities.

When you are implementing and using TalentQuest, CPR consultants are there to guide you every step of the way. A subscription to the complete TalentQuest Suite provides the GBA members with unlimited use of each tool; use of all GBA custom templates and profiles; telephone-based customer and technical support; and on-site training for HR and Managers. Pricing is based on number of employees.

Consulting Offerings:

Leadership Skills Evaluation & Development Planning
This offering is for GBA Members and targets employees who are currently executives or who on a track to becoming executives in 1-5 years. Participants meet with a CPR consultant for a half-day. During that time, an extensive 2-3 hour interview will be conducted as well as the completion of several online and written assessments. The process enables a detailed analysis of the participant’s skills and abilities on the key competencies required for leadership positions within a bank. It highlights the character traits and tendencies that will help them be successful as leaders, or in some cases, must be overcome to be successful in leadership roles.

Following the assessment, a one-on-one feedback session is scheduled where participants receive a written report summarizing their position on the key leadership competencies, as well as a Developmental Plan to help them improve.

The CPR consultant will also provide feedback to the participant’s Bank President or Executive responsible for the management of the participant.

Executive Selection Assessment
For banks that are evaluating outside candidates for Senior Management or Executive Level positions, CPR will provide an assessment of the candidates to evaluate not only their Leadership competencies, but also their compatibility within the existing executive team and bank culture.

Prior to meeting with candidates, the CPR consultant will meet with the Bank President and/or other senior executives to better understand the expectations of the position and to gain insights to the current Executive Team. This background provides the context for the evaluation of each candidate. Candidates meet with the CPR consultant for a half-day for an extensive interview and completion of online and written assessments.

With each candidate, CPR will make a recommendation about suitability for hire, taking into account the candidate’s capabilities, as well as the environmental information gathered earlier in the process. This recommendation will be provided verbally to the appropriate officer at the bank, as well as within a written report which summarizes the candidate’s Strengths & Limitations; the relevant information and rationale for the consultant’s recommendation; as well as management and developmental recommendations should the candidate be hired.

Executive Team Assessment
An Executive Team assessment is a confidential review recommended when interpersonal or other issues within a leadership are impacting its ability to be effective. A Team Assessment consists of in-depth interview of each executive; administration of appropriate online or written evaluations; written feedback; and a debriefing session with each executive. These are followed by an overall team report that addresses the interplay between executives, impact on the culture, strengths and limitations of the team as a whole, barriers to success, recommendations. The report is delivered both in writing as well as orally to the designated Senior Executive(s).

Board of Directors Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Assessment
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act specified a number of areas where Boards of Director must be able to demonstrate compliance. The penalties for non-compliance can reach $5M and up to 20 years imprisonment for “willful neglect.”

CPR’s Board Compliance Assessment involves a detailed and confidential review of each Director by each other Director, and the Chairman of the Board. The peer review is driven questionnaire specifically structured to probe for the competencies experts indicate are most critical to CEO’s, senior executives and directors. Following the peer review, CPR consultants conduct a 1-2 hour interview with each Director. The Chairman of the Board is also assessed through both peer review and interview; however, his/her assessment focuses on competencies unique to that role. The extensive list of Sarbanes-Oxley related competences have been tailored for GBA banks.

At the conclusion of the assessments, each member of the Board will be debriefed by a CPR consultant on the results of his/her review. Most importantly, CPR creates a Summary Report for the Chairman of the Board that documents their assessment of the Board, highlights Strengths and Limitations and identifies General Issues and Recommendations. The results of this assessment provide valuable input to the criteria used in the Selection and Succession Planning process for future Directors.

Other CPR Services available to GBA Members:

  • Ongoing Executive Coaching
  • Succession Planning
  • Management Assessment Programs

Please feel free to contact TQ's Jon Naphin at 404.965.5225 or GBA’s Bo Brannen at 404.420.2014 with questions.

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