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If you are a victim of check fraud, and promptly make a formal complaint to the authorities; banks will typically provide you with provisional credit while an investigation takes place. Your banker can give you information about your bankís specific process.

General Tips for Avoiding Fraud

         Donít give any of your bank account numbers to anyone unless you have called them.

         Only reveal bank account information to vendors you know to be trustworthy.

         Protect your checkbook and report any missing checks immediately.

         Read your account statements monthly and review for fraudulent usage.

         Destroy any canceled checks.

         Inform your banker of any suspicious activity. They will be able to take measures to protect your account and notify the authorities.

         No legitimate buyer will offer to pay for something by sending a check and asking the seller to wire some money back. If that's the pitch, it's a scam.

         Use technology. Most online banking systems let you set up balance alerts and transaction alerts to help you know what's going on anytime there's a change to your account. This can tip you off to unauthorized account access.

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