August 26, 2016       

More Visits to Banks by U.S. Reps this Week

Two more members of Georgia's U.S. House delegation visited Georgia banks this week while home in their districts for the August recess. On Tuesday, United Bank’s Jackson Division hosted Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA10). Hice visited with United Bank CEO Jim Edwards and the bank’s Jackson Division Chairman Pete Malone, Jackson Division President Ronnie Burch as well as David Harty and Jan Cranford from the bank’s mortgage department. They talked about how bank regulations are affecting customers in the bank’s service areas. The visit was part of the “Take Your Lawmaker to Work” program, supported by GBA in conjunction with the American Bankers Association. Also on Tuesday, Rep. Sanford Bishop (D-GA2) made a stop at First National Bank of Decatur County in Bainbridge. He met with CEO Brad Barber and other employees, who shared their thoughts about regulatory burden, compliance costs and margin pressure with him. If you’d like to set up a Take Your Lawmaker to Work session for your representative, contact Elizabeth Chandler, 404.420.2027. Learn more at
Jim Edwareds and Rep. Jody Hice
Brad Barber and Rep. Sanford Bishop
GBA Bank Counsel member Judy Newberry speaks to the Board while GBA's Elizabeth Chandler listens.

Law and Banking

Bank Counsel Board, Code Review Task Force Meet

The board of directors for GBA’s Bank Counsel Section and the GBA Code Review Task Force met Thursday to discuss a variety of legal issues related to banking and to plan the upcoming GBA Bank Counsel Conference, which is Oct. 2-4. The Code Review Task Force spent its time detailing ideas for how to address a number of proposed banking code updates during the 2017 Georgia General Assembly session. Some of the issues they discussed included updates to the state’s legal lending limit guidelines, authorization of trust companies, accounts for minors, phone convenience fees, ending the ban on Sunday business hours and more. The goal is for legislation in the upcoming session to complete the updating of the state’s banking code that the task force began working on in 2014. More about the meetings here...

Last Call! The Information Security Officer (ISO) Seminar – Aug. 30

There is still time for current and prospective information security officers, network administrators and compliance officers to register for GBA’s The Information Security Officer seminar on Aug. 30 at Idle Hour Country Club in Macon. Tom Hinkel of Safe Systems, Alpharetta, will address regulatory requirements and expectations as well as internal roles and responsibilities, including reporting to the board of directors, coordinating with network administrators, leading the IT Steering Committee and more. Participants will receive helpful checklists and whitepapers as well as Certificates of Completion. The registration price for this event is $250 per person. Click here to register online. Please contact GBA's Katina Prokos via email or at 404.420.2021 with questions.

Small City Development Focus of Atlanta Fed Index

The Atlanta Fed has done a whole analysis of small city economic factors it calls the Small City Economic Dynamism Index. The index ranks 245 small U.S. cities across 14 indicators of economic dynamism in four categories: demographics, economics, human capital, and infrastructure. Through interactive mapping and other filterable data sources, it addresses some of the drivers for growth in those areas and potential, as well as some of the challenges. An interesting Atlanta Fed ECONversation this week about the index is available online for viewing at your convenience. Access the webcast here...

De Novo Formation Spotlight for FDIC, GBA De Novo Conference Sept. 14

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has issued "De Novo Banks: Economic Trends and Supervisory Framework," which appears in the Summer 2016 issue of Supervisory Insights. "The information provided in this article reflects the FDIC's ongoing efforts to work with, and provide support to, groups interested in organizing a de novo institution," Doreen R. Eberley, director of FDIC's Division of Risk Management Supervision, said. "The entry of new institutions helps to preserve the vitality of the community banking sector, fill important gaps in local banking markets, and provide credit services to underserved communities." The timing on the article is good with our De Novo Conference, presented in partnership with Troutman Sanders, LLP and Porter Keadle Moore, LLP, coming up on Sept. 14 at the Cherokee Town Club in Atlanta. Register by Sept. 6 to get the early-bird price of $275 per person. Here’s a link to the complete agenda and online registration form. Please contact GBA’s Katina Prokos at 404.420.2021 with questions.

Compliance Conference, Sept. 14-16

Appraisal Session Update and Deposit Product Regulatory Reboot

Attendees will hear from Vicky Thompson and Patrick McMillen from GBA Strategic Partner Valuation Management Group as they review the information that compliance officers need to know about your bank’s appraisal process. They’ll talk about regulations as well as guidance that is available to you. They will also discuss what a good appraisal process should look like for your bank, whether you keep it internal or outsource it. Find out more about the Compliance Conference here...

GBA’s Community of Bankers

How to Find Good Peer Connections

We heard from a member this week looking for some advice and good ideas to talk to a peer banker about. It was a good reminder that GBA is a powerful resource for making strong professional connections with others who do the same job as you. If you’re looking to connect with a banker, take advantage of our tools. One good way to find a common peer connection is by taking a look at who serves on our 12 volunteer committees. The committee rosters are available on our website under the Member Center drop-down menu. The members of those committees welcome outreach from other bankers about key issues and sharing ideas and resources. Take a look here at our board and committee lineups and more ways to connect here...

President and CEO Conference

Millennials – Are You Ready?

Millennials will make up one-half of the workforce in the next five years, and a whopping 75 percent in the next decade. Combined with the lack of Gen Xers and the increasing retirement of Baby Boomers, banks and other employers will be facing leadership gaps. And, they will be looking to Millennials to fill those gaps. Those same Millennials will make up similar percentages of your customer base in the future, too. So, how do you attract and keep them? What do they want? What makes them tick? Get the answers to these questions and more. GBA’s President /CEO Conference , scheduled Oct. 2-4 in Greensboro. Find out more and sign up here…
GBA Banking School Board of Directors

GBA School Boards Begin Planning for 2017 Schools¶

The Boards of Directors of the GBA Compliance School and Georgia Banking School met this week in to review the 2016 school sessions and to delve into planning the 2017 on-campus sessions. The Georgia Banking School Board met Thursday in Atlanta and discussed student learning needs for the 2017 session as well as plans to boost enrollment. Click here to see who is serving on these important groups...

Tee It Up for StatePAC at Annual Georgia BankPAC Golf Classic - Oct. 17

Take a few swings this fall to support GBA’s State Political Action Committee (PAC). Leadership GBA’s annual Georgia BankPAC Classic is Oct. 17 at Idle Hour Country Club in Macon. Put together a foursome or two of bankers, directors, community leaders or even customers to share a round and talk about important banking issues. Registration is $150 per person, $250 per team or $450 for a team and hole sponsorship (a $100 savings). Click here for a registration form. With questions please contact GBA’s Susie McGehee at 404.420.2010. Support the GBA StatePAC today.

2016 BankPAC Campaign Update

Strong support continues for the 2016 BankPAC Campaign and it is important for you and your bank to make your contributions to this industry wide effort. The GBA StatePAC and GBA FedPAC contribution forms as well as the payroll deduction form for the GBA FedPAC provide easy guidelines to get the campaign started in your bank. Here is what your GBA Group has contributed toward its goal so far. We also invite GBA Associate Members and Bank Counsel Section members to join in our political efforts by contributing to the GBA StatePAC. There are two ways to do this: by participating in the 2016 BankPAC golf tournament on October 17 or by contributing directly to the fund. Thanks to the following bankers and individuals for their contribution to the GBA BankPAC this week...

Bank Robbers: Yep, There’s an App for That

The FBI this week launched a mobile app to help catch bank robbers. The new app makes it simple for the public, law enforcement and others to get alerts about robberies and submit tips, too. App users can see photos of suspects, details of robbery reports by date, state and other factors, and you can even get push notifications about local robberies. The app works in conjunction with the website. It is available for iOS and Android devices from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Note that GBA retweets robbery notices from the FBI and others that we follow on our @GABankers Twitter feed. Follow us there for regular updates, too. More details here…

Senior Lending Officer Roundtables-Sessions Start Back Up in October

Registration is now open for the GBA Senior Lending Officer Roundtables, which will begin their fourth year in October. These roundtables provide an in-depth look at the latest issues a senior lending officer needs to understand to cultivate new business, evaluate risk and strongly support profitability. In addition, the unique peer connections forged from a well-organized roundtable can be essential for bankers whose careers are developing toward becoming CEOs and other top executives in our industry. Click here to download the flyer/application form. With questions, please contact GBA's Alison Moreau at 404.420.2034 or Susie McGehee at 404.420.2010.

Financial Risk Management Conference, Nov. 16-17

As your bank delves into the budgeting process, be sure to invest in your bankers’ professional development by sending them to one of GBA’s many conferences, meetings, or events. GBA’s annual conference schedule kicks off in the fall, and the 2016 Financial Risk Management Conference provides an excellent opportunity for your CFO, controller and accounting personnel, investment or risk officer, to learn, refresh and network with colleagues. Click here to learn more and sign up...

Upcoming GBA-U Webinars

Electronic Transactions, Safe Deposit Box and Secrets of Success Courses

A GBA Webinar is a great way to quickly get the training you need without travel or time out of the bank. Webinars are live and allow time for questions and answers. The $265 registration price gives you access to one web site "seat," one telephone site license and all handout materials. If you can't attend the webinar, you may buy the audio CD, handout materials and a password to see the session online. With questions, please contact GBA's Katina Prokos at 404.420.2021. Click here for a sample of upcoming offerings. Check the GBA-U Calendar of Events at for more details.

New Courses! Banking Fundamentals

Banking Fundamentals includes three 4-week courses that combine the principles of the banking industry with real-world application—in a flexible and targeted format. Ideal for emerging bankers or bankers seeking to gain a broader understanding of today's changing world of financial services, Banking Fundamentals is a fully online, interactive series of courses offered in an entirely new learning style. See a brief video overview of the program here. To find out more about this ABA course contact Alison Moreau, 404.420.2034.

It's Back to School time with Online Classes

IRA Institute, Consumer Lending, Trust Products/Services and More

Below are the facilitated ABA online classes coming up in August and September. These courses have weekly assignments as well as midterm and final exams. Any employee of a GBA member company can participate at the member rate. Your bank does not have to be an ABA member. All you need is a computer, printer and Internet access. Please register two weeks in advance to secure a "seat." For more information, contact Alison Moreau, 404.420.2034. Click here for a list of all ABA offerings...

Flood Zone Certs Available from Industry Leader

ServiceLink National Flood is one of the largest and most experienced flood certification vendors, with over 25 years of experience. The company’s focus is to provide customers with the highest automated hit rates, fast turn times, impeccable accuracy and exceptional customer service. As a GBA Strategic Partner, Ken Twichell, ServiceLink National Flood’s SVP of Business Development at 800.833.6347 x641.

Employee Benefit Selections are Easy and Affordable with Holmes-Shaw

Holmes-Shaw has built a full portfolio of complementary products and services around the GBA Insurance Trust's core benefit programs, allowing participants and their employees to expand their benefit selections affordably. Some of these products and services include...

The GBA Job Bank Gets Results

The GBA Job Bank is among the most popular and valuable benefits we provide to member banks and bankers. The Positions Available and Bankers Available sections on our website consistently are among the most visited pages. Best of all, the service costs nothing for member banks and bankers. To make the process of posting a job or resume easier and to answer any questions you may have, we've developed this Q & A document as a resource. It outlines how to submit open positions and resumes, our deadlines and timelines for posting, and other helpful details. If you have any questions, please contact GBA’s Bo Brannen at 404.420.2014.

GBA Community Connections

We want to share all the good work GBA member banks, bankers, Associate Members and Bank Counsel Section members do to support their communities. Share your Community Connections by sending a brief paragraph and any photos of activities you have to us and we'll publish them at our earliest opportunity. Send information to Bo Brannen and David Oliver. Here's our latest installment...
Century Bank of Georgia

Read All About It: Send Us Your News

Please remember to include the Georgia Bankers Association on the list of recipients for announcements about promotions, new employees and special recognition your bank has received. We want to share your news with your colleagues across the state. Please forward your announcements and photos to GBA's David Oliver and Bogan Brannen.