July 28, 2017        

From left: Edward, Mills Jr., and Mills Lane Sr.

GBA 125 Looks Back

Predictions Made in 1941 on Banking’s Future

When GBA celebrated its 50th anniversary on April 11, 1941, in Macon, participants were treated to a look into the future. Edward W. Lane, brother of GBA’s first Chairman, Mills B. Lane Sr., shared the following predictions of what banking would look like in 1991...

GBA’s 125th Anniversary Celebration: Coming Soon to a City Near You

You are cordially invited to join your peers and celebrate GBA’s 125th anniversary by attending one or more of 10 Membership Meetings around Georgia in August and September. The lunchtime meetings from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. will provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy fellowship with other area bankers and hear from the GBA elected leadership and staff. The 2017 Membership Meetings will recognize local GBA volunteers, feature a fun look back at GBA's first 125 years of service and have an informative discussion on some plans we've put in place to ensure our members' success for the next 125 years. Registration is $45 per person. Click here to register. Not sure which meeting to attend? Click here to see a group map. With questions, please contact GBA’s Katina Prokos, 404.420.2021.

Website Accessibility Rules off Priority List

Bankers around Georgia have been spending quite a bit of time, effort and money in the past year evaluating and updating their websites to ensure they are properly accessible for all people. Much of that was in anticipation of rules that the Department of Justice had said it would issue in 2018 related to Titles II and III of the Americans with Disabilities Act. However, the Trump administration’s recently released rulemaking agenda for the rest of this year and next year categorizes that rulemaking activity as "inactive," and there’s no longer a target date listed. It’s still a good idea to continue work to improve accessibility where needed because it improves customer service and, as we’ve seen, there are active plaintiff attorney attempts to pursue settlements and possible lawsuits. There are several resources available to you here…

GBA Weighs in on Reciprocal Deposit Legislation

GBA sent letters of support this week to both Senate and House committee leadership regarding recently introduced legislation that would separate reciprocal deposits from the definition of brokered deposits as defined in the Federal Deposit Insurance Act. Georgia Senator David Perdue is a cosponsor of the Senate version. With questions, please call Elizabeth Chandler at 404.420.2027 or Joe Brannen at 404.420.2026.

Banking in the News

Lending Focus of AJC Article

GBA was asked to chime in on the current lending environment for a recent story in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. The story outlines the industry’s overall good performance in recent months, and it also takes a look into slowing loan growth, which is not uncommon at this point in the economic cycle after several years of recovery from the Great Recession. Joe Brannen, GBA president and CEO, is quoted in the article about the effects of the presidential election on business and banking, and the fact that loan competition remains stiff among banks throughout the state. Read the story here…

Advocacy Helps as House Overturns Arbitration Rule

Half the battle is done for Congress to overturn the recent CFPB arbitration rule. The U.S. House voted Tuesday to overturn the rule, using its authority under the Congressional Review Act to reject new federal regulations within 60 legislative days of publication in the Federal Register. A similar measure has been introduced in the Senate. Bankers have been among the loudest voices encouraging members of Congress to take such action. GBA and bankers associations from all 50 states co-singed a letter earlier in the week supporting the house resolution. Find out more here...

DOL Seeks Comment on Overtime Rule

A court injunction remains in place that continues to stall implementation of the Obama administration’s final overtime rule, which would have doubled the salary needed for employees to be exempt from overtime pay. However, the Department of Labor this week has requested comment on the final rule, which could signal an effort to re-write the rule is in the works. Comments are due by Sept. 25, and we encourage all members to weigh in on how the rule would affect your compensation and benefit programs. Here’s link to the request for information...

Related: Here’s a good summary of the overtime rule status and some important news about EEO-1 reports from GBA Strategic Partner Employment Law Compliance...

Terri Sands and Carl Pry to Headline GBA Compliance Conference Speaker Roster

With Fall right around the corner, Compliance professionals on both the loan and deposit side won’t want to miss GBA’s 2017 Compliance Conference, Sept. 20-22 at Middle Georgia State University in Macon. With content divided between Compliance Risk/Deposit management and Loan Compliance management, this conference is a must-attend for your compliance team. On the Compliance Risk/Deposit Management side, conference favorite Terri Sands, will present "Payments Compliance Strategy: Technology, Regulation, Structure and People." On the Loan Compliance Management front, renowned compliance expert Carl Pry will give you all the information you need to finish up your HMDA 2018 preparations, focusing extensively on final steps you should be taking ahead of Jan. 1 as well as what to do with all that new data once you have it besides just send it to the CFPB. Online registration is quick and easy – click here to reserve your spot and to see a detailed agenda and hotel information. If you have questions, contact GBA’s Kathy Friestad, 404.420.2024.

Leadership Conference Photo Gallery

Last week we summarized all the great content at the GBA Leadership Conference and the new officers and board members for the Leadership GBA Executive Committee. Here’s a photo album from the conference that captures the great energy and sense of optimism about the industry that was pervasive throughout the conference. Thanks again to all the members and their families for attending!

2017 BankPAC - Good News!

“Response to the 2017 BankPAC Campaign is particularly strong this year and we are grateful for the quick response from all of those bankers who have already contributed”, said Tom Wiley, Chairman of the BankPAC Board of Directors and Chairman & CEO of State Bank & Trust Company. All bank CEOs recently received the 2017 BankPAC Campaign fundraising guide and contribution forms in the mail. Please respond with your bank making a contribution to the StatePAC and eligible employees and directors making personal contributions to the FedPAC. Eligibility and suggested contributions are included on the contribution forms. With questions, please call Elizabeth Chandler at 404.420.2027. Contributing to the GBA BankPAC this week include…

Consumer Real Estate Lending for Small Banks Seminar – Aug. 24

How Small Banks Can Offer Consumer Real Estate Loans in Today’s Environment

Presented by Steve Moore, Bank Compliance Services, GBA’s Consumer Real Estate Lending for Small Banks seminar on Aug. 24 at Idle Hour Country Club in Macon will address the challenges faced by small banks in today's regulatory environment, specifically in the context of new TILA, RESPA, Flood Insurance and HMDA regulatory rules. The discussion will also address the various financial and operational considerations of consumer real estate lending by small banks. The presentation will be primarily from the banker's perspective, and Moore will discuss pros and cons of these regulatory rules and the various business challenges faced when offering consumer real estate loans. Register by Aug. 16 for the early-bird price of $225 per person. Click here to register online. Please contact GBA’s Katina Prokos at 404.420.2021 with questions.

IRA Advanced Update and Review Workshop |
– Sept. 21

Help Your Customers Avoid Letters from the IRS Showing Taxes Owed

Did you know that costly reporting errors cause customers to receive letters from the IRS showing thousands of dollars in taxes owed? One of the biggest culprits is the lack of training and misuse of the terminology "rollover" vs. "transfer," causing IRA accountholders to receive these unnecessary letters and bills from the IRS for taxes owed. Attend GBA’s IRA Advanced Update and Review Workshop Sept. 21 at Idle Hour Country Club in Macon to learn how to avoid policies that go against the IRS regulations. One of the most respected IRA experts in the country, Patrice Konarik of Sunwest Training Corp., will separate fact from fiction for the more technical areas of IRAs during this full-day seminar, which focuses on recent changes at the intermediate to advanced level. Participants will get the answers to these and many more common questions...

President/CEO, Bank Counsel and Bank Accountant Conferences – Oct. 1-3

Presidents/CEOs, Bank Attorneys and Associate Member Accounting Firms, mark your calendars for GBA’s annual President/CEO Conference, Bank Counsel Conference and Bank Accountant Conference. These three events will be held simultaneously on Oct. 1-3 at The Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation, Greensboro. Details about the conferences will follow soon. GBA has reserved a block of rooms at The Ritz at a reduced rate of $189 per night for single or double occupancy. Reservations may be made by calling the hotel directly at 706.467.0600. Be sure to say you are with the GBA to receive this special rate. The cut-off date for reservations is September 1. After this date, all reservations will be subject to prevailing rate and space availability. With questions, please contact GBA’s Susie McGehee at 404.420.2010.

General Accounting - Facilitated Online Course

General Accounting focuses on topics in analyzing source documents, recording business transactions in a journal and posting entries in a ledger. This course also describes how to prepare a trial balance, gather adjustment data and complete a worksheet are covered, as well as how to prepare financial statements and post-closing entries. General Accounting is for bank personnel at any level with little or no accounting background. Learning objectives include...

Act now for early-bird pricing, which ends July 31!

Member Pricing for 2017 ABA Marketing Conference Available to All

Attention GBA member bank/Associate Member marketing officers and any banker with marketing responsibilities! As part of our ongoing effort to expand marketing education and networking opportunities, GBA is partnering with the ABA to offer member pricing to their Marketing Conference Sept. 24-26 at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans. You’ll hear from nationally recognized speakers while networking with peers from across the country. Click here for details.

Upcoming GBA-U Webinars

A GBA Webinar is a great way to quickly get the training you need without travel or time out of the bank. Webinars are live and allow time for questions and answers. The $265 registration price gives you access to one web site "seat," one telephone site license and all handout materials. If you can't attend the webinar, you may buy the audio CD, handout materials and a password to see the session online. With questions, please contact GBA's Katina Prokos at 404.420.2021. Here is a sample of upcoming offerings. Check the GBA-U Calendar of Events at www.gabankers.com

GBA Job Bank

New Positions in Branch Management, Loan Operations, Credit Underwriting and More

The GBA Job Bank is among the most popular and valuable benefits we provide to member banks and bankers. The Positions Available and Bankers Available sections on our website consistently are among the most visited pages. Best of all, the service costs nothing for member banks and bankers. To make the process of posting a job or resume easier and to answer any questions you may have, we've developed this Q & A document as a resource. It outlines how to submit open positions and resumes, our deadlines and timelines for posting, and other helpful details. If you have any questions, please contact GBA’s Bo Brannen at 404.420.2014.


GBA Retirement Services and Fiduciary Protection

GBA Retirement Services is pleased to partner with Unified Trust to offer fully qualified fiduciary management of plan assets. Unified Trust, a nationally chartered trust company, is one of only a handful of discretionary trustees in the country today. We exercise full discretion and fiduciary responsibility for the assets of every plan under management. This is a responsibility Unified Trust takes very seriously.


What This Means for the Plan Sponsor
Most plan sponsors would prefer not to be a fiduciary but the fact is, if you are sponsoring a 401(k) plan, you are a fiduciary of the plan. That can be a daunting role, as most typically don’t have the expertise to make prudent investment decisions required for the plan. However, GBA Retirement Services can relieve you of a large portion of these responsibilities by thoroughly evaluating and selecting an independent discretionary trustee that has full legal and fiduciary responsibilities for the investment of plan assets. We have full confidence in Unified Trust as the plan's discretionary trustee. This significantly limits your fiduciary responsibilities. This is what Rick Drews, CEO of Century Bank of Georgia in Cartersville says about what GBA Retirement Services fiduciary protection means to him...









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