June 23, 2023  

McLanahan Closes Successful Chairmanship

When Rhodes McLanahan assumed the GBA Chairmanship in June of last year, it seemed as if the industry was set up for a relatively calm period. However, as we all now know, that was not to be the case. “As I look back on my year as Chairman, I can’t help but be amazed at how much, and how quickly, things have changed in the banking world,” he said in opening his remarks in the Chairman’s annual State of the Association Address. With a nod to the Fed’s aggressive rate increases, the resulting stress on margins and headline out-of-state bank failures raising questions about more broad systemic liquidity risk, McLanahan spoke with pride about the role GBA again played during the year as an organization to unite and serve as an essential resource for banks and bankers. “This unified voice empowers us to drive significant policy changes, to protect our interests, and to ensure that the distinctive characteristics and needs of our banks are heard at the state and national level,” he said. “But perhaps most importantly, the GBA fosters a spirit of camaraderie and collaboration among us. In an industry where competition can sometimes be fierce, the GBA reminds us that we are all part of a larger community with shared interests and a common goal – to serve our local communities to the best of our abilities.” McLanahan, CEO of First American Bank & Trust Company in Athens, also outlined some of GBA’s key accomplishments during his year as Chairman, including summaries of advocacy efforts, education programs and products and services. “So, today, I’m pleased to report the state of the Georgia Banker’s Association is as strong as ever… And while my position as Chairman means I get the pleasure to report that good news to you, the true credit for GBA's success goes to each of you, your teams and your banks,” he said. Read his full remarks here.


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Wilson Installed, Barber, Williams Elected, New Board Members Installed

At the 131st GBA Annual Meeting June 20, Kimberli (Kim) D. Wilson, president and CEO, OneSouth Bank, Macon, was installed as the 134th GBA Chairman. GBA members also elected two other officers for 2023-24, Brad E. Barber, president and CEO, First National Bank, Bainbridge, is our new Chairman-Elect, and Philip G. Williams, president and CEO, The Claxton Bank, Claxton, is the new Vice Chairman.


Kim Wilson Brad Barber Philip Williams


In addition, eight new board members were installed for their terms beginning July 1.

  • North Group: Jamie C. Tallent, president and CEO, River City Bank, Rome

  • Central Group: Samuel W. Beall, president and CEO, Bank of Dudley, Dublin

  • South Group: Donald J. Torbert, Jr., president and CEO, Southeastern Bank, Darien

  • At Large: Michael T. Lee, regional president, Ameris Bank, Valdosta


Jamie Tallent Sam Beall Jay Torbert Michael Lee


Serving in designated positions on the board for one-year terms are:

  • Community Bankers Committee Chair: Richard A. Basinger, president and CEO, Northeast Georgia Bank, Lavonia

  • GBA Services, Inc. Chair: Gregory H. Eiford, president and CEO, TC Federal Bank, Thomasville

  • Associate Member Rep: Marjorie Huckabee Carter, partner, McNair, McLemore, Middlebrooks & Co., Macon

  • Leadership GBA Chair: Thomas Kelly Smith, senior vice president, commercial lending, First National Bank of Griffin


Rick Basinger Greg Eiford Marjorie
Kelly Smith


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Wilson Outlines Priorities for Her Leadership Year

OneSouth Bank CEO Kim Wilson openly admits that banking wasn’t her original choice of a career path. “Unlike some of you who are second and third generation bankers, banking as a career was not on my radar. However, when over the years, as I attended community events or talked with people who had just purchased their first home or bought that first new car, or discussed growth plans with local business owners, I noticed that the individuals who were serving, leading, advising, making the expansion of main street businesses possible, helping families realize their dreams, and building stronger communities – the people who were at the heart of  making the American dream come true - were community bankers,” she said during her incoming chairman’s remarks at the GBA Annual Meeting June 20. “So, in 1992 when Joey’s career with USDA led our young family to Early County, Georgia, I was delighted when God provided a part time position with Bank of Early, now OneSouth Bank. It was there that I had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in true community banking – and I fell in love!” As a mother of two Army officers, Wilson also took the opportunity to map out some parallels she’s noticed between those who serve in the military and as bankers. “Like good military leaders, good bankers are disciplined, adaptable, resilient problem solvers. Good bankers operate with integrity and place others before themselves. We share unwavering loyalty to our banks our customers, our communities and all our stakeholders.  We are committed to each other and those who count on us. While the men and women of our military protect our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - our opportunity to live the American Dream - our banks are the financial intermediaries that make achieving the dreams of the families, and businesses in Georgia -and our great nation – possible,” she said. In outlining her priorities for the association, Wilson pointed to the opportunity GBA has to be “for” some key policy and advocacy issues such as the Farm Bill and the Access to Credit for our Rural Economy Act. She also noted a desire to bring bankers together with more local GBA programming in GBA’s three geographic Group regions. “The real secret to the longevity and strength of the GBA is our association’s most valuable asset - the honorable men and women of Georgia banking,” she said, in closing. “GBA offers something for every person in every Georgia bank. From the largest to the smallest banks in the state, there is a place for every banker, at every level, to be a part of GBA. I’m truly energized by what we can do together in the coming year, and I can’t wait to celebrate our shared successes when we re-convene next year.” Read her full remarks here.


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Outgoing Leadership Thanked for GBA Service

During the annual Board Dinner, GBA Chairman Rhodes McLanahan thanked the following board members for their service, as their terms are wrapping up this month. Some of these members are the first to have served three-year terms as part of GBA’s modernized governance structure that took effect this year.

  • David Caswell, Century Bank of Georgia, Cartersville, represented the North Group and Group 7.

  • Brad Serff, The First Bank, Alpharetta, represented the North Group and Group 5.

  • Hoke Reeves, Farmers & Merchants Bank, Sylvania, represented the Central Group and Group 1.

  • Ken Farrell, First Chatham Bank, Savannah, served as an At-Large member.


David Caswell Brad Serff Hoke Reeves Ken Farrell


  • Stephen Cheney of Thomasville National Bank, served as an At-Large member.

  • Ron Mitchell of Mauldin & Jenkins, Albany, has been the Associate Member representative to the board.

  • Candice Nanney of Peach State Bank & Trust, Gainesville, is wrapping up her term on the GBA Board as the representative for Leadership GBA.

  • John Barker, First Bank of Pike, Molena, is completing his service to the board as Chair of the GBA Services Board of Directors.


Stephen Cheney Ron Mitchell Candice Nanney John Barker


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Educational Content Shines During Annual Meeting

Members were treated to some unique and thoughtful programming during this year’s Annual Meeting. Here are some highlights of the sessions. You can see the full album of photos from the event here.

  • Economic Update: Phyllis Resnick of the Colorado Futures Center did a comparison and contrast presentation about the economies of our host and home states. Similarities included large agriculture industries in addition to a large metro market. Colorado’s economy tends to be a little more volatile than Georgia’s, and Georgia’s housing affordability is a comparative strength. She also did a unique short-term economic forecast for us, predicting a modest 1-3% increase in state GDP in the next six to nine months with little chance of a recession.


  • Reimagining ALCO: Matthew Pieniazek, president & CEO of the Darling Consulting Group, gave us some great ideas for navigating today’s environment with a look at strategies for managing the entire balance sheet. He touched on deposit pricing strategies, the need or strong wholesale funding plans and some thoughts on how to think about lending priorities.


  • Retail and FinTech: Dave DeFazio of GBA Strategic Partner StrategyCorps gave live demos of apps and tools leading the way in digital banking. Among the areas he covered were innovations in payment technology such as a ring that allows tap-to-pay transactions, how some fintechs are making it easy for younger consumers or those with poor credit to grow into more traditional financial products and services, and how nonbank companies such as Apple and Amazon are shaping consumer expectations about financial services.


  • Peer CEO Panel: Our panel of new-ish bank CEOs shared lessons learned, their journeys to their posts, how they’re establishing their own brand of leadership and culture and more. Past Chairman Jackson McConnell of Pinnacle Bank moderated the panel, which was comprised of Susan Moss, Planters & Citizens Bank, Perry Revell, AB&T, and Colin Stokes, Classic City Bank. Each described their unique paths to leadership. Stokes talked candidly about how he was thrust into the CEO position faster than planned with the unexpected death of his predecessor, Bill Hopper, in Nov. 2022. Moss, a sixth-generation banker, described her pathway back to banking to succeed her father as CEO after going to culinary school. And, Revell detailed the intentional succession plan at the bank that brought him into the CEO role and his longtime colleague, Matt Rushton, into the president role over a defined three year period.


  • Leaders of Character: As the Director of the Center for Character and Leadership Development, U.S. Air Force Academy, our closing speaker Col. Kurt Wendt is responsible for aligning and supporting professional development for cadets, faculty, and staff, and integrating character and leadership development programs across the 4,000-member Cadet Wing. In addition to giving us a glimpse into his role at the academy, the highly decorated intelligence officer shared concepts from their program that bankers can apply to strengthen their leadership skills. Those included being engaged with their teammates, be humble about your position, be a leader of character demonstrated by your actions and develop your replacements.


  • Breakout Sessions: Alston and Bird’s Mark Kanaly and Raymond James’ Michael Walker led one breakout session focused on legal, regulatory, valuation and investor trends for bank management teams and boards. The other breakout session honed in on Artificial Intelligence applications for banking, led by Uday Akkaraju of Bond AI.


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GBA Insurance Trust Elects Directors

The GBA Insurance Trust (GBAIT) held its annual business meeting June 19 and elected three directors. The following bankers were elected by their peers to serve a three-year term, expiring in 2026:

  • Mike Odom, president and CEO, Great Oaks Bank, Eastman

  • Glenn Willis, CEO, South Georgia Banking Company, Tifton

  • Philip Williams, president and CEO, The Claxton Bank.


Mike Odom Glenn Willis Philip Williams


As chairman of GBAIT, Rick Whaley, The Citizens Bank of Americus, also gave a summary of the Insurance Trust’s activities in the past year. Highlights were:

  • 135 banks and 46 associate member companies, 14,900+ lives covered

  • Effective partnership with SentryHealth, for telemedicine and other wellbeing programs

  • Dedicated care team through Paragon and Vextra for serious, complicated conditions or treatment needs

  • Member education to ensure better care and lower costs

  • 58th year serving members

  • Run by bankers, with no profit motive.

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Copeland Gives GBA Retirement Services Highlights

More than 3,000 Georgia bankers are being well prepared for retirement through their banks’ participation in GBA Retirement Services, Inc. First National Bank of Griffin’s Chuck Copeland is GBA Retirement Services Chair, and he shared some points of pride with members during a session at the GBA Annual meeting this week.

  • $250 million under management, 59 member companies

  • 3,300 plan participants

  • 65% on track to retire at 70% of income; national average is 25%

  • 83% contribute 4% or more of their compensation

  • New American Trust App

  • Flexible investment options

  • Legal and compliance assistance

  • Fees that are 30% less than national average.

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FDIC Clarifies Non-sufficient Fund Fees Charged on Re-presentments

We’ve heard from several members that were dealing with examination findings about the bank’s disclosure and practice of charging non-sufficient fund fees on items when re-presented by merchants and others. Bankers have been working to ensure disclosures matched practices. However, FDIC and other agencies have said charging multiple re-presentment fees on the same item could still violate the Federal Trade Commission Act, which prohibits unfair or deceptive acts or practices commonly referred to as UDAP. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has sent regulated entities a new Financial Institution Letter (FIL) outlining the regulatory and litigation risks related to these re-presentment fees. Those of you with upcoming compliance exams will be interested in a footnote to the FIL indicating that FDIC has generally accepted a two-year lookback period for restitution in instances where institutions cannot reasonably access accurate ACH data for re-presented transactions. In addition, the FDIC does not intend to request an institution to conduct a lookback review absent a likelihood of substantial consumer harm. FDIC clearly expects you to be proactive rather than wait for examiners to find discrepancies that will likely result in a regulatory finding. Read the FIL here.


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CFPB Studies Rural Southerners Financial Conditions

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) released two reports this week looking at consumer access to credit, the rates charged for credit, and their performance in paying their obligations. In addition to Georgia, the other states in the report are Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Compared to peers nationwide, CFPB researchers concluded rural southern mortgage applicants are less successful, the rate of unbanked is higher, and have higher rates of delinquencies. We’re digging into the reports to learn more. We will continue to provide programs such as our Rural Development and Lending Conference to support bankers serving the less urban areas of Georgia. We’re also continuing to support our state’s leaders such as Gov. Brian Kemp who has focused his efforts on bringing jobs to rural Georgia, and Speaker Jon Burns and other state Capitol veterans and the work of the Rural Development Council. Speaker Burns appointed bi-partisan co-chairs to lead the Council, Rep. Gerald Greene, (R-Cuthbert), and Rep. Mack Jackson, (D-Sandersville). Click the links to read the CFPB reports here: Consumer Finances in Rural Areas of the Southern Region and Banking and Credit Access in the Southern Region of the U.S.


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Kelly Smith

GBA Member Profile

Finding Real Purpose Both Inside and Outside of the Office with Kelly Smith

First National Bank of Griffin Senior Vice President Kelly Smith recalls a mentor at his first banking job who stressed the importance of finding real purpose in both work and personal life. “For the past 20 years, I have been delivering meals to homebound residents in Griffin twice a month. There are many times I feel too busy with my normal workload to break away from the office, but in the end, I always find it rewarding to be able to find the balance of managing my work at the bank and being able to be involved in helping others,” Kelly said. The incoming Leadership GBA Board of Directors Chairman discusses his early lessons in good customer service, starting each day with a devotional and outdoor hobbies he loves in the latest GBA Member Profile.


Related: The 2023 GBA Leadership Conference is just a few weeks away, July 10-12 at the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club in Ponte Vedra, FL. Click here for all the details.


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Due Date June 30 - Last Week to Participate in Georgia Banking Compensation Survey

It is the last week to submit data for the GBA's Georgia Banking Compensation Survey. Banks have until June 30, and we encourage all GBA members to participate. The comprehensive survey report will provide data on base salaries, salary ranges, short-term and long-term incentives, total cash compensation, and total compensation. Also, the report's in-depth policies and practices portion includes information on salary increases, merit increases, structure adjustments, outsourcing, turnover, and recruiting. We anticipate the survey report to be published the week of Aug. 14. The report purchase price for survey participants is $595. The purchase price for non-participants is $1,475. To participate, please contact Pearl Meyers' Rhonda Snyder at rhonda.snyder@pearlmeyer.com.


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Welcome GBA's Newest Associate Members

GBA Associate Membership is offered to individuals and organizations that want to do more business with banks as clients. These members also provide invaluable support to GBA's activities and programs throughout the year through attendance, sponsorships, exhibits and shared expertise. Be sure to get to know them and thank them for supporting the GBA. You can get information about any of GBA's Associate Members by using the Associate Member search function on our website. For additional information, contact Bo Brannen at bbrannen@gabankers.com or 404.420.2014.



Mr. Rodrigo Dantas E Silva, Rodrigo.Dantas@ey.com



EY exists to build a better working world, helping create long-term value for clients, people and society and building trust in the capital markets. Working across assurance, consulting, law, strategy, tax and transactions, EY teams ask better questions to find new answers for the world's complex issues today.


TerraHaven Commodities

Mr. DuBoise White, duboise@thcommodities.com



TerraHaven Commodities provides crop and livestock marketing and hedging services to farmers in Georgia.



Ms. Beth Parrett, eparrett@transfund.com



TransFund is a national top 10 ATM network and debit and credit card processor with nearly 50 years of experience in the industry. They can help your bank customize unique debit and credit card solutions that evolve with technology and customer demands.



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Super Crowd Set to Attend Annual Leadership Conference

More than 380 members are signed up to attend the Leadership Conference coming up on July 10-12 at the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club in Ponte Vedra, FL. This conference is built for newly appointed c-suite bankers; senior officers; department heads; business development officers; and those with community relations or government relations responsibilities or interests. This annual conference offers excellent educational sessions and quality networking time with your banking peers and GBA associate members. Click here to see the detailed conference agenda and more info. A huge shout-out to our sponsors: Presenting Sponsors: Aubrey Thrasher, LLC; American Bankers Association (ABA); CSRA Business Lending; and Point to Point Environmental. Platinum Sponsors: Anthem and Safe Systems, Inc. Gold Sponsors: CRS Data; FHLBank Atlanta; Fenimore Kay Harrison LLP; First National Bankers Bank; ServisFirst Bank; and Steve H. Powell & Company. Silver Sponsors: Holmes-Shaw Agency - A Member of the PointeNorth Insurance Group; McNair, McLemore, Middlebrooks & Co., Inc.; Troutman Pepper and Wipfli.


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Two Great BSA Programs


Kristen Stogniew

New BSA Peer Group Summer Session Set for July 19 in Macon

Sign up now for our in-person summer session! Join us in Macon at Middle Georgia State University on July 19, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and grow your BSA network. Kristen Stogniew will be back to lead the group discussion and registrants can submit industry hot topics during the registration process to ensure those topics are covered. Get all the details and register here. With questions, contact Aimee Corcoran, 404.420.2035.


Save the Date – Registration Opening Soon!

BSA Summit, Jan. 29 – Feb. 1, Peachtree City

BSA compliance professionals, mark your calendars! GBA’s BSA Summit is back. Our next session is set for Peachtree City at the Hilton Conference Center, Jan. 29 - Feb. 1. Facilitated by Kristen Stogniew, Saltmarsh Cleaveland and Gund, attendees can expect a deep dive into the world of BSA compliance through a variety of sessions. Look for registration details soon. Contact Aimee Corcoran with questions, 404.420.2035.


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Andy Keusal

Part 2 - Commercial Lender Training!

Commercial Lending 201: Analyzing Repayment Sources – Sept. 7

Andy Keusal, Keusal Learning is back to teach part 2 of his Commercial Lending training series. This 9-module, live (on Zoom) course is a “sequel” to the 101 course we offered back in February and is best taken after completion of that course, though it is not a prerequisite. The 201 course includes a case study and dives deeper into topics covered in modules 4, 6, and 8 of the 101 course: analyzing a borrower’s balance sheet, income statement, collateral, and risk ratings. This course is most appropriate for credit analysts, lenders, portfolio managers, and others who need skills in financial statement analysis and writing credit documents. This webinar will be held by Zoom on Thursday, Sept. 7, from 9:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. The recording will be available to registered participants for one month after the live training. Click here to access the event website with everything you need to know. Here’s a message from the speaker. With questions, contact Alison Moreau, 404.420.2034.


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Registration Now Open for these GBA Seminars


Opening New Accounts Seminar - Sept. 12, MGSU, Macon

Registration is now open for our annual Opening New Accounts Seminar. With a focus on documentation and compliance, this full-day seminar, customized to Georgia state law, teaches essential new account opening procedures, best practices, and compliance requirements. It answers complex questions asked by customers and staff while focusing on vital information for every new account type. Join Suzie Jones of Training Resources Consulting and network with your peers for this fan favorite seminar. Learn more and register here. With questions, contact Aimee Corcoran, 404.420.2035.


New Speaker, Fresh Content!

Business Cash Flow Analysis Seminar - Sept. 19, MGSU, Macon

Join Peter Faser of Truist Securities, a faculty member of the Georgia Banking School, for an introduction and practical approach to business cash flow analysis. The highlight of the seminar features new and fresh casework to get the hands-on analysis needed to determine a borrower’s capacity to repay a loan. Learn more and register here. With questions, contact Aimee Corcoran, 404.420.2035.


Suzie Jones Peter Faser


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Coming up Next Week - Web Demo Scheduled June 27 @ 2:00

Simplify Your Construction Loan Process with GBA Partner Abrigo - 15% Discount for GBA Members

A new software solution from GBA partner Abrigo lets Georgia banks manage the lending process for residential and commercial construction projects from any mobile device or computer. With over $70 billion in construction loans managed by lender clients on nearly 100,000 projects, this award-winning software automates workflows, detailed reporting, and audit trails for residential and commercial construction. In addition, Abrigo Construct eliminates complicated tracking in spreadsheets and paper files, improves efficiency and draw interest, and identifies potential risks. GBA members receive a 15% discount off the price of the software. Other product highlights include:

  • Automated Calculations - reduce the risk of data entry errors by quickly calculating remaining budgets

  • Mobile inspections - quickly provide staff with the information needed to fund a draw request

  • At-risk loan alerts - identify at-risk construction loans faster and decrease the risk of overfunding.

Learn more about Abrigo Construct and mark your calendars for June 27 at 2 p.m., when the Abrigo team will walk us through a full demonstration of their software solution. You can register here for that. With questions, please contact Abrigo’s Eric Bartlett at Eric.Bartlett@abrigo.com.


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Compliance Conference and HMDA Workshop - Oct 18-20, Jekyll Island

GBA’s Compliance Committee invites you to attend our annual Compliance Conference at the Westin, Jekyll Island.  This year’s program has two components with an optional pre-conference workshop focused on HMDA. The conference lineup features a Washington update, findings from recent reviews, enforcement actions, compliance leadership, and more!  Attendees have the option to register for the workshop and conference, conference only or workshop only. Click here for all the details and to register. We’d like to thank these GBA associate members who are showing their support through sponsorship – Platinum: Steve H. Powell & Company and American Bankers Association. Silver: Mauldin & Jenkins, Ncontracts, Troutman Pepper and Compliance Alliance. With questions, contact Aimee Corcoran, 404.420.2035.


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Offered by more than 90 Community Banks Today

GBA Endorses ServisFirst Bank’s Agent Credit Card Program

GBA is proud to recommend the agent credit card program ServisFirst Bank offers. ServisFirst currently issues cards for more than 90 community banks in the country. Through the program, GBA members can issue credit cards to their customers, both commercial and retail, with their bank’s logo. ServisFirst provides a simple, straightforward program that includes credit card marketing and portfolio management services at no cost to the bank. To get more details about the ServisFirst Bank agent card program, contact ServisFirst’s Tim Finney, tfinney@servisfirstbank.com, 478.952.6497, or Karen Grahn, kgrahn@servisfirstbank.com, 205.949.0330.


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Robbery Basics and Beyond, Deposit Operations Summer Update, Diversity & Inclusion in Our Workplace, and More

Here’s a sampling of upcoming webinars. 

Want to see the full webinar schedule? Check out our webinar calendar for a full list of upcoming webinars.


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Recruit, Retain and Develop the Best Bankers with GBA Career Solutions


GBA Strategic Partner BankTalentHQ

The central feature of BankTalentHQ is its national bank-job board. Other key benefits include: resume search access, regional and national reach for your open positions, frequent special offers and custom sales/coaching programs. Visit BankTalentHQ to learn more. See the open positions in Georgia here, or search regionally or nationally here.


GBA Job Bank

GBA will post open positions, free of charge, for GBA members. See the open positions in Georgia here. We will also post professional summaries for bank-job seekers on our Bankers Available page. To make the process easy and answer any questions, we've developed this Q&A. Please contact Katina Prokos, 404.420.2021.


Why Do People Choose Careers in Banking?

Whatever their talents, interests and educational background, there is a career in banking for them. Here are few good reasons to share with folks you know.


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GBA Community Connections

We want to share all the good work GBA member banks, bankers, Associate Members and Bank Counsel Section members do to support their communities. Read all about the Community Connections our banks and members have below. Share your Community Connections by sending a brief paragraph and any photos of activities you have to us and we'll publish them at our earliest opportunity. Send information to Katina Prokos, kprokos@gabankers.com, and David Oliver, doliver@gabankers.com, or if your company would like to sponsor this content, let us know. Here's our latest installment:


Athens - First American Bank & Trust Company

The bank recently donated $20,000 to the Gwinnett County Police Foundation.


Moultrie - First National Bank

The bank recently sponsored the Moultrie Chamber of Commerce’s annual golf tournament.


Sandersville - Citizens Bank of the South

The bank recently raised more than $1,000 cash and donated food/supplies for the Sandersville/Washington County Animal Shelter at its recent car wash.



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GBA Newsmakers


Albany - AB&T

Terri Christian has been promoted from branch manager to community banker.


Gainesville - Peach State Bank & Trust

Rhonda Dellinger has joined the bank staff as a mortgage originator in their Mortgage Division. Read more here.


Sandy Springs - Signature Bank of Georgia

Anna Conley has been named group vice president and director of loan operations. Also joining the loan operations team is Tierra Styles as loan operations bank officer. Nadia Perrmann, formerly director of loan operations, will undertake new responsibilities in her role as group vice president and credit and compliance coordinator. Read more here.


Savannah - First Chatham Bank

Davidson Nelson has joined the bank as vice president, commercial relationship manager.



Terri Christian Rhonda Dellinger Anna Conley Tierra Styles Nadia Perrmann Davidson Nelson



Read All About It: Send Us Your News

Please remember to include the Georgia Bankers Association on the list of recipients for announcements about promotions, new employees and special recognition your bank has received. We want to share your news with your colleagues across the state. Please forward your announcements and photos to GBA's Katina Prokos.

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